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Why Need SSL for Your Website?

Why Need SSL for Your Website?

Securing Your Website with SSL Certificate!

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers and is a public key infrastructure that uses the RSA technique of encryption and verification via security certificates.

It helps to create a secure connection between the user and the server through the secure protocol HTTPS. It is the right choice for protecting sensitive information, such as user contact details and credit card details.

Cybersecurity poses the main challenge to online business, as hackers are becoming more frequent and bold in cooperating websites, mostly commercial sites where sensitive economic data is exchanged. A breach can make huge responsibility costs and shake consumer confidence in a business. That’s why all e-commerce sites must use secure sockets layer (SSL) protection.

The public key structure boons the use of two keys: the public and private keys which are used to encrypt and decrypt the information respectively.

Secure access to data is certified with the help of certificates issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) which is shared only with the specific domain or server. The exchange of data occurs after the certificate verification and thus passes through an SSL connection confidentially and securely. So, it is essential that you know the basic working of the SSL security mechanism.

SSL is more than just a technical tool to provide security for communications; it is a reliable name in security. When customers see the SSL icon, they’re reassured that their commercial data is safe and protected. This helps build consumer reliability and assurance in your brand.

The Benefits of SSL Certificates

Defend your website from the Hackers

You have to be very careful about phishing sites. These are a nearly perfect replica of an original, true site and have several techniques to trap you into providing your sensitive information.

But SSL recognizes what we humans will not be able to and ensures that these fake sites will never see the sun of the day.

As well SSL certificate will help you to defend your website from eavesdropping, man-in-middle-attack and sniffing attacks.

Improved Ranking & Growth Brand Value

Google updated its algorithm and added HTTPS as a position signal. If your website is protected with SSL certificate and web URL starts with a protected HTTPS protocol, then you will get the ranking advantage in search engines.

Secure Payments to Experience Safe Shopping

No one will dare to send their credit card data over a simple HTTP website. It is also compulsory for a business site to have an SSL certificate to meet the PCI security standards set forth by the payment card industries.

In order to accept credit card information on your website, you must pass certain audits that show that you are complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. One of the requirements is properly using an SSL Certificate.

Using SSL dramatically improves the perception that users have of your brand. When your site has signed by a trusted third party certificate, your customers are ensured that they are indeed on a valid and trusted site. They will be less worried about safety issues and will involve you more successfully.

Build Faith with Extended Verification

Clienteles are becoming more and more safety aware. As a lot of sensitive info, such as bank passwords and personal details, are exchanged in a cloud platform, a secure authentication mechanism must be provided to ensure data safety.

SSL achieves this feat by issuing a server certificate along with the SSL certificate. This server certificate rises the trust issue of the service provided and helps the customer validate whether you are really who you right to be.

CAs follows a different authentication process to validate your business reliability. The process depends on which certificate you choose – domain validation, organization validation, and extended validation. Domain Validation certificate verifies only domain verification and organization validation certificate authenticates your business reliability when extended validation (EV) SSL certificate authorizes your business existence and honesty by affirming legal documents. It ensures that the site is highly genuine and secured to carry online transactions by showing must security trust mark “Green Bar”.

Encryption to Protected Information

All the information transferred over an SSL connection is encrypted and there is no method an interceptor could decipher your information.

Encryption algorithms like RSA, DSA, and ECC are currently used by most certificate establishments. When the credit card data and other private information will travel between the web server and users’ browser, the site will be secured with robust encryption (for example, SHA256-bit encryption) that left no place for hackers to sniff transmitting information. So you can rest guaranteed that the information will continuously only reach the proposed parties.

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