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Essential Tools for One Man Start-Up

Essential Tools for One Man Start-Up

Essential Tools for One Man Start-Up

If you are planning on going ahead with your start-up and need assistance, this is the place. The objective of this article is to provide some basic knowledge in terms of online tools available out there –  you guys can take a look around and have an improved stance on your existing idea or probably find means to further the same. Some tools can be linked with your website or mobile app or your existing web ads and improve your media assets by tracking user preference. Read wisely!

  • Optimizely:


The process of making slight changes to your media asset is called A/B testing and is used to determine the version that is best suited for your target audience. Optimizely makes the whole process of testing and making changes an easy task. This enables you to eradicate the use of extra time on engineering cycles. This is also used for A/A testing to get information about what part of the product is most used by the customers.


  • Google Analytics:

This makes up for the most used tool for a start-up. It’s a great platform to track all kinds of matrices. It’s easy to use and free of cost. This makes it one of the best tools that beginners can look up to. Some of the easiest things to track would be the Web Traffic Source, User Behavior on Your Website and Scroll Events.

  • Google’s Keyword Planner:

Google’s keyword planner is a great help when you need to validate your business idea or deciding on topics to blog about. They also help you choose keywords you should target for your page. It gives you a quick idea of the most searched terms on google related to your business along with average search volumes, an average cost per click etc. So it could be wise to work with this tool and have an idea on the volumes and money involved on the web search terminologies that aligns with your business idea.

  • Dribbble:


Dribbble was previously known as CREW which got quite a reputation of being a high-quality freelance marketplace. It could be of great help if you are looking towards outsourcing design and develop your website. The best part is that it’s tightly managed and carefully curated system that helps to run projects with utmost ease. The crew helps you choose from experienced freelancers who have worked with Google, Apple, Uber, etc.

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